Nigeria's export advantage in the new millenium
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Nigeria Export Promotion Organization (NEPO)
(a company of Globe Engineering & Globe Marketing International Corporation.)

This site is fully dedicated to

  • Promoting Nigerian export products

  • Providing business information on Nigeria

  • Helping to facilitate exports from Nigeria to the world.

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Nigeria offers great opportunities for
 local and international manufacturers

  • There are millions of well trained low cost potential factory workers in the various states of Nigeria, waiting for work.

  • Raw materials abound in all parts of Nigeria. Over 120 million consumers now depend on imports for 80% of their manufactured goods.

  • Investors from all over the world are cordially invited to set up shops and manufacture consumer goods, offer transportation, electricity, health, security, training, telecom, petroleum marketing, waste management and various business services.

    (See Investment Opportunities page)
Manufacturers & exporters interested in expanding their markets, should send their product information to:

The Director
Globe Engineering Services Corp
207 Bank Street, Suite 462
Ottawa, ON.
Canada K2P 2N2




Dealers wanted from Nigeria and Africa for these products




We prepare manufacturers for export and sell for Nigeria overseas. 

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